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My maternal great-great-grandfather, Juda (Yehuda) REDLICH was born cca. 1775,
in Rakwitz or in Bisenz (Bzenec) in Moravia, not far >from Goeding (Hodonin) and
the present Austrian border. He was known as Juda REDLICH >from Rakwitz (Rakovice).
His parents died when he was young. Here begins the engma. The family lore states
that he was brougt up by a Rabbi in Bisenz (who was the Rabbi and why did he take
him into his house?).

Now we are coming to some hard facts. He married his cousin Rebbeca (Rivka) JOKL,
but no mention of this wedding can be found in the State Archives in Prague. But
there is a wedding of Jacob REDLICH the older (der aeltere) with Rebbeca JOKL,
in 1800 the children of this marriage(the clergy mentioned only part of them) are
the same as Juda and Rebbeca's children.

Did he use his long dead father's name for registering the marriage by the clergy?

I assume that his father's name was Jacob, because when Juda's oldest son, Jacob,
married the cleric wrote Jacob REDLICH the younger (der juengere).

But it was impossible, at the beggining of the 19th century, that a Jewish father
who was still alive should call his son by his own name.

Therefore I assume that Juda's father's name was Jacob.

What is the base of my assumption? I am named Tsvi after my grandfather(who died
before I was born) Tsvi Herman FUCHS. When I visited the cemetery of Jirice u
Miroslavi, near Brno, three years ago, I found the tombstone of my other
ggrandfather, son of Tsvi Hirsh. So it seems obvious that Juda's oldest son should
carry the name of Juda's father.

But why did he pretend to be his father (if my assumptions and facts do line up?)
There are several possibilities.

If his father was a Familliant and Juda was not the firstborn that could be the
case. But how do we explain when in 1829 there is a marriage between Juda
REDLICH, widower (no mention of age) and Teresha ELSNER, spinster?

Juda and Rebbeca had ten children. The 4th child and second son, Aron Leb REDLICH,
was my greatgrandfather, the father of my maternal grandmother.

The oldest son Jacob, called Jekeilo, had an interesting and painful life. He
started to study in Nikolsburg (Mikulov), at the Rabbintcal school. with the
intention to continue his studies in Prague, at the Medical school. He came to
Mikulov together with his good friend SCHLESINGER, also >from Bisenz. SCHLESINGER
converted and became one of the Bishop's clerks. Jacob's parents were afraid that
SCHLESINGER will influence him and he had to return to Bisenz. He started to
teach privately. After his wife's death he moved to Vienna, together with his
son, Heinrich. In Vienna he founded a school for boys? (Knaben-schule.). He
married a widow, FRANKL, with 3 children and had 3 more (Dr. Hugo REDLICH M..D,
and the two others were scientist).

Can anybody help me solve this riddle?

By the way, is there any connection between the two tribes, the one >from Bisenz
and the second >from Goeding, not far apart.

Tsvi Sinai
Givatayim, Israel

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