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Joyce Field

Please let me add one comment to Sharla's excellent summary.
Yes, a project coordinator is needed for every yizkor book project.
However, we do not need to develop each project as a fundraising
project. In fact, the Gold Bukowina project has been handled solely
as a volunteer effort. One person has contributed most of the
translations, and he selects the order of the chapters he wishes to

We will need the table of contents translated exactly as it appears
in the book so that we can link translated chapters to it. See as an
example. One volunteer scanned all the images in the book, and they
are accessible at

I mention these sites as examples only of how we might proceed and as
illustrations of the appearance of the presentation.

Sharla is indeed correct in mentioning that, sadly, we have been
unable to move ahead with the Moravia book because of the lack of

Joyce Field

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