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Joseph Lonstein

Hi everyone,

I have an fairly complete tree of descendents of my
great-great-grandparents, Eleanore POLLAK (1846-1932) and Moritz NEUMANN
(1844-1886), both born in Blatna/Kasejovice CZR and later lived in Vienna.
Interestingly, one of Eleanore's sisters (Sophie POLLAK - 1842-1932) married
one of Moritz' brothers (Karl NEUMANN), but I know very little about this
other POLLAK/NEUMANN family. I'm hoping someone knows about or is
researching the same family.

Sophie POLLAK and Karl NEUMANN had at least six children, all of whom were
apparently still alive in Vienna in the late-1930s: son Otto (apparently
died in 1950, but I don't know where), and five daughters - Bertha (married
a man named LEFKOWITZ), Anna (married a man named WEISSKOPF), Jetti (married
a man named ASCHERMANN), Karoline (married a man named SCHOENLANK), and
Marie (married to David WOLF).

Marie (1873-1937) and David WOLF (1858-1940) are both buried in Vienna, and
had three children, one of whom (Friedrich WOLF) who is still alive at age
96 and lives in Israel. I received all the information he know about his
mother's five siblings through a common cousin, but it wasn't much. He
states that his aunt Karoline NEUMANN-SCHOENLANK died in California in 1967.
There is a Carol SCHOENLANK in the SSDI who died in 1967 at age 95 in
Duarte, California who may very likely be her. I know nothing else about
any of the other siblings other than what I've written here.

If anyone knows about any members of this family, I'd be very pleased to
hear >from you.


Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI

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