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Jessica Attiyeh >from La Jolla, California is researching FALIKMAN, >from
Czernowitz, Yompol, Kizhnikki, Lyubar and vicinity as well as FALIKMAN >from
Kishinev. She writes: "there are precious few to be found. I would love to hear
from anyone who recognizes that name, either because they are in their tree, or
because they personally knew of a FALIKMAN individual. Recently I heard >from a
Czernowitz-List member that she has the name Falik Falik (both given and surname)
in her family tree, and that perhaps they had dropped the "man" suffix at some

The first point I wish to make is that the towns mentioned above fall outside
the realms of our SIG. The geographic boundaries of Austria-Czech SIG are fairly
strictly defined as present day Austria and the ex-Hapsburg Crownlands of Bohemia
& Moravia - ie the present day Czech Republic.

But of course, the "Out-Of-Our-SIG" Jews of yesteryear did not obey these
restrictions on their travels and may perhaps be found living in our SIG after
all! So I looked for FALIKMAN[N]& FALIK on the Jewish cemetery website of Austria
and "lo and behold" we can indeed find them within our permitted boundaries
buried in the Zentralfriedhof [ZF], Vienna.

German and English versions -

For problems accessing this database please refer to my recent posting of
22 January 2005*

Falikmann Karl Chaim age 77 died 05.11.1940 - buried 08.11.1940 ZF Gate IV.
Group 20 row 13 grave 14


Falikmann Netty age 62 died 15.07.1918 buried 17.07.1918 ZF Gate IV Group 4
row 25 grave 98

There are also 13 FALIK burials in 11 graves. One is a WW1 grave [see my posting
of 18 Jan 2005 on this subject*]:

Falik Mendl age 25 died 04.08.1916 buried 06.08.1916 ZF Gate I. Group 76B 4.
Runde 10A

The first names of FALIKMANN & FALIK suggest that most, if not all, of them are
of Galician origin.

It is worth noting that there are FALK & FALKMANN to be found living in Bohemia
in 1793 - I cannot vouch for Moravia as I have not seen an early census of this

Celia Male [UK]

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