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This question was raised late last year, but I don't see a definitive answer
in the archives.

Today I received a response to my December inquiry that reads as follows:

"According to your application, the background research has been elaborated.
This type of archival services is paid in the Czech Republic. The
elaboration of the background research will be sent to you immediately after
paying the enclosed invoice."

I'm hoping this means that they've already searched the records, and have
found my great-aunt's 1928 death record.

There is a sheet itemizing the costs in Czech. There is sheet in English
which indicates the total cost is $39.54. This "Commercial Invoice"
indicates "Payment disposal", with an account number, and various other
information (routing codes?). I can't figure out which bank the money is to
be sent to.

Must the funds be wired? Can they be wired in US dollars? Can one send a
personal check in US$ dollars? Can one send a money order in US$ dollars?

(Note, all my previous research was done through a private researcher who
accepted U.S. checks.)

In addition--my understanding is that the Czech Archives will send an
abstract of the record, not a photocopy. I am most interested in the cause
of death. Will they always include that information?

Thank you for your expertise.
Monica Leonards
suburban Philadelphia

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