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A group of Israeli students visited Moravia during August 2004, with the
purpose of ducumenting a number of local Jewish communities. Here is a
short summary of their work, which might be of interest to many of our members:

"A Journey into the Jewish Heritage" - A Documentation of Jewish
Communities in Moravia

During August 2004, a delegation of 28 students headed out to document
Jewish sites in the Moravia region, as part of the project " A Journey into the
Jewish Heritage", which was organized by the Zalman Shazar Center and the
Avi Chai Foundation. This is the third time that the project is taking
place. Once a year, students >from a wide range of fields (architecture,
photography, history and more) are involved in this mission of bringing
alive the magnificent past of these Jewish communities abroad, of which
today, only remnants are left.
The ICOMOS association of Israel provides professional assistance for this
These are the areas and sites where the group documented: the Jewish ghetto
in Boskovice, the graveyard in Breclav, synagogues which have turned into
churches and the Jewish quarter of the town Prostejov (the former –
The Students documented also the old Jewish cemetery in Mikulov (the
historical Nikelsburg) and the cemetery in the town Miruslav.
Two members of the group were involved in comparative research between the
texts that appear on the walls of some of the synagogues where we visited
and another pair of students did archival research which deals with the
development of the Jewish population the city Brno itself, starting from
1800 until the eve of the Second World War. The research was conducted
under the supervision of Professor Rudolf Klein.
In addition, more than 20 videoed interviews with the members of the Jewish
community of Brno were taken.
A festive presentation took place on Brno on the last evening of the trip.
Members of the Jewish community of Brno were invited, as well as locals and
people >from the academy interested in the Jewish tradition, along with all
those with whom the students came into contact during their work.
On November 18, 2004, a similar evening was held in the auditorium of
"Beit-Hatfutzot" in the University of Tel Aviv.

For more information - please contact me, I will forward your requests to
the project director at the Zalman Shazar center in Jerusalem.

Uri Meretz, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

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