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Thankyou to those who have responded to my query. For many years I
have been trying to discover why our families hid their identities.
The possible new name on our family tree, LAZARSFELD, is a real gold mine,
particularly as Paul LAZARSFELD (b.1901, Grad Uni Vienna 1925)worked in
the same field of study that I am in, and appears in my bibliographies!
Apparently Paul's parents were arrested in Vienna in 1935, and his
mother, Sofie MUNK, a psychotherapist had previously been arrested
for her relationship with Friedrich ADLER, who shot Count Karl
STURGHK in 1916. Paul LAZARSFELD's father was Robert, a solicitor.
I find no evidence of their fate after 1935.I read that Paul's doctoral
thesis dealt with an aspect of EINSTEIN's theory, which I thought would
have been relatively (##) unknown so early in the century.
I wonder if anyone can shed further light on the connections between
some of these people and events.

Ann Jensen

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