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One of my husband's great grandparents, Chaim HERMAN, immigrated to the US
on 3 September 1899. On the ship's passenger list it states his hometown as
Luzan, Austria. Does anyone know if this is what is now the Czech Republic.
Another possible clue, they also immigrated with Soshe PASTERNAK and Eidel
SEIDNER. Eidel was also >from Luzan but Soshe was >from Wiznitz, or at least
that's what it looked like. On US census records they state their native language
is Polish.

Thank you,
Cindy Berkowitz
New Jersey, USA

MODERATOR NOTE: Have you looked at the GemeindeView list of towns on the
Austria-Czech web site?
Another good tool for locating places is the JewishGen ShtetlSeeker:

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