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I see >from The Jewish Week that the
* Society for the History of Czechoslovak Jews -
* Holocaust Survivors of Slovakia -
* Joseph Popper Unit, B'nai Brith

is/are holding a 60th Memorial Service on Sunday March 6th 2005 at
3:00 pm at Congregation Habonim, 44 West 66th Street, New York, NY
"All are invited * Refreshments served"

* I am posting this as a service to members of this list.
* I am not affiliated with any of the above organizations and am only very
distantly connected to anyone >from this region
* I have ABSOLUTELY no further information on this event or organizations
and have no contact information for any of them
* I will not (because I cannot) respond to any inquiries on this topic.
If you need further information, I suggest you surf the Web

Michael Bernet

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