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Belated thanks to all those, especially Celia Male, who explained the
meaning of Schnittwarenhandel; Kurzenwarenhandel; Bandehandel
Fleklhandel and Buenkelgehen.

The 1793 Census is an exceptionally useful and interesting publication -
and will be even more so when the work is finally completed, hopefully
later this year. The census is being published by the Czech National
Archive and the status is currently that of work in progress; 4 vols
already published and 2 or 3 more scheduled. Each volume deals with
three or four administrative districts or "kraj". Each kraj has its
own index (sadly no centralised or comprehensive index).

For those who might like to acquire the work themselves, the details

Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793

Vol.1. Loketsky kraj, Boleslavsky kraj, Budejovicky kraj
Statni ustredni archiv v Praze 2002
ISBN 80-85475-91-X

Vol.2 Kourimsky kraj, Bydzovsky kraj, Litomericky kraj
Statni ustredni archiv v Praze 2003
ISBN 80-85475-96-0

Vol.3 Prachensky kraj, Berounsky kraj, Taborsky kraj
Statni ustredni archiv v Praze 2003
ISBN 80-86712-93-6

Vol.4 Chrudimsky kraj, Plzensky kraj, Zatecky kraj, Hradecky kraj
Statni ustredni archiv v Praze 2004
ISBN 80-86712-12-5

A friend bought me my copies and posted them to me, but
I understand the publications are available >from the Research room of
the Czech National Archive, Str. Milady Horakove 133, 160 00
Praha 6. Tel.: +420 974 847 834
e-mail: sua1@... - for the attention of Ms Kynslova.
(The books are very inexpensive - about four ot five pounds sterling each)

The catalogue of the British Library indicates that it holds Vols 1-3
and I understand that later volumes are on order.

With best wishes

Ruth Coman
London, England
Researching: SALUS, Bohemia; SCHUESSLER,Bohemia,Wien; LOEWY,
Kolodeje nad Luznici,Kolin; FISCHER,Kolin; FRIED,Kolin,Praha; MELZER,Zatec;

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