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Michael Bernet need not be so reticent about his posting regarding the
Society for the History of Czechoslovak Jews. Indeed the Society is
preserving our historic cultural and religious links with the Jewish
communities of the Czech lands. They have published various books and
articles much of which has genealogical reference by informing us of the
past communities. One of the Mitzvot which this organisation sponsors is the
annual Memorial Service for Czechoslovak Jewish Victims of Nazism lead by
Rabbi Norman Patz at which a special Kaddish is made for Czech Jews who have
died including those in the Holocaust. Concurrent with this service a
beautiful memorial booklet is published in which people can list the names
of their loved ones. The listed names indicate those who were murdered in
the Holocaust and shows whom they are remembered by. I have included some
members of my family for the past 7 years. The list might be helpful in
putting families in touch with each other. If anyone would like more
information on the society they may contact Lesly Cohen at

Charlie Roberts ne Aufrichtig (London,England)

Researching AUFRICHTIG IN Boskovice,Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Vienna, Austria , Worldwide
LOCKSCHAN, WODAK, HUSSERL in Boskovice and Vienna.

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