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Hello everyone,

There will be a memorial service this forthcoming Sunday, March 6th at
3:00P.M. at Congregation Habonim in Manhattan (66th Street between
Columbus and Central Park West). Anyone who might be able to attend
is welcome. It is an annual get together for Czechoslovak Jews.
Services and various presentations are lead by Rabbi Patz. I happen to
be on the Board of the Society and hope to present a short film, or
rather a trailer (if it arrives >from Prague today) on a group of
extraordinary, life-long friends, originally >from Prague, who live in
Caracas under the threat of a third dictatorship in their lives.
I interviewed them on video and Martin Smok, a young talented film
maker >from Prague put a trailer (short film presentation) together.
Their stories and personalities are compelling.

As to the Reviews Charlie and Susan mentioned, there are extra
ones for sale in Rabbi Patz's office. If anyone knows where
Oscar Rabiniwitz article may be found I would appreciate the
information very much. Oscar Rabinowitcz was a teacher in the Jewish
Day School in Prague when it first opened in the early 1920's.
Apparently, my grandfather, Viktor Kohn, a founder and supporter of
the school hired Dr. Rabinowitcz for the school (I believe I have a
picture of him with a the first grade of the school with my mother
Ruth Kohn as a little girl) and later he hired Dr. Rabinowitcz
as a writer for a Zionist (Revisionist) newspaper owned and published
by my grandfather, in Prague, in 1934 and 1935 DER JUDENSTADT.
I have a vague recollection of meeting someone, who I think may have
been Oscar Rabinowitz, shortly after my parents and I arrived in
New York (1958). He invited us to a lovely club on Madison Avenue.
Unfortunately, I don't know much more than that and whether it was
indeed Oscar Rabinowitz. If so, he may have children who live in the
States - does anyone know?

Oscar RABINOWITCZ and my grandfather Viktor KOHN and others of the Zionist
Revisionist group urged Czech Jews to leave Czechoslovakia in the
mid-1930's. I remember one particular small article I read in DER
JUDENSTADT ( some copies available at Leo Beack Institute and
the Prague Jewish Museum) urging the youth to leave and reminding
everyone of what is happening to our Jewish "brothers" in Germany.
There are also notices of meetings and presentations to various
communities where Dr. RABINOWITCZ and my grandfather spoke about Zionism,
and Aliya to Palestina.

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.

My last name, KOHN, is my mother's maiden name (Prague and Wossek) and my
father's last name (Lucenec, Slovakia) - unrelated (as far as we know..).

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Subject: Books by Society for the History of CZ Jews
From: Vitdoc@...
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 13:37:03 EST
Several people have written to me privately with questions
about the books written many years ago by the Society for the
History of CZ Jews, so I am sending this to the entire group as
it might be of interest. The first volume was published in 1968.
The third in 1984. The last review was published in 1993.
There were six in all and I don't have copies of all of them.
Rabbi Patz and his assistant Lesly Cohen can be reached at their
synagogue in New Jersey. The phone number at one time was: 973 239-2333.
They may have some books left but these books are also often
available >from libraries. I am not sure about the Reviews which are
more like journals. Online book selling websites may have used
copies. On my website < >is one story from
Volume 3 written by Joseph Pick, The Story of the CZ Srolls.
I was given permission to reproduce it on my web site. It will give
you an idea of what type of stories the books have in them. The articles
in the books were written after the war and many who wrote were survivors.
They covered a variety of subjects like holocaust, history, art,
music and the economy as they related to the CZ Jews. These
articles were written by some of the following: Hana Volavkova,
Guido Kisch, Hugo Stransky, Gertrude Hirschler, Avigdor Dagan,
Theodore Rabb, Oskar Rabinowicz, Kurt Wehle, Wilma Iggers, and
Erich Kulka to name a few. I am sure there are others on the SIG
who have these books or have read them.

Susan Boyer LA CA

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