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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Henry Wellisch asks about this profession:

"Kosherfleischversilberer = Kosher meat ???? (This beats me; what has kosher meat
to do with silver?)"

Henry, this appears to be an archaic phrase and if you search the internet you
will find a few examples of its "non-silver usage"!

See: [nb one long URL in German]

"Ignaz Anton von Neuner born 27. August 1716 in Zirl ... rose up all the rungs
of the salt profession until in 1747 he became a Salz-Versilberer, ie
Salzverkaufs-Leiter .... "

The literal meaning of the word is obviously someone who increases the value
of their products. In the above example, the "Salz-versilbere" is the
Salzverkaufs Leiter ie the Head of the Salt Sales Force" in modern parlance!

Hence the Kosherfleischversilberer is a Koshermeat salesman - probably to
distinguish him >from the slaughterer [i.e. producer], who is lower down on the
economic chain.

Celia Male [UK]

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