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Peter Rohel <prohel@...>

Dear members,

I am researching Genealogy, etc. information on the town of Sternberk(g)
(pop. 14,000), Moravia north of Olomouc. Any knowledge of the textile
industry in Sternberk(g), between (1800-1948) would be greatly appreciated.

I would love to hear >from anyone who has Sternberk(g) ancestor's.
Information on the town's "post-war" Sudeten expulsions (80% of town) to
Germany & Russia, pre-communist history, etc. (besides what's on

Perhaps you own the book by: STIEF, W. "Geschichte der Stadt Sternberg in
Maehren" pub. 1934 in German?
*I am especially looking for any knowledge of
the "HEEG + FRIEDMANN" textile factory and the FRIEDMANN & KLIMES(CH)
families. Perhaps your ancestor's did business with the factory or even
worked there?

**With headquarters in Vienna, sometimes between (1850-1880) the FRIEDMANN
family built a "Textile Factory" in Sternberk(g), Moravia named: "HEEG +
FRIEDMANN". It was one of "two large factories" in Sternberk(g), employing
approx. (200-400) people. The other firm being "GROGER". Both factories and
properties were confiscated in 1945 by the Czech state (Benes Decrees). In
1946 the "GROGER" firm became "Moravia" (appliance mfg.), currently "Mora
Moravia". It took until 1948 before an "official confiscation document" was
issued by the town re; "HEEG + FRIEDMANN" textile. Sternberk(g) did not know
what to do with the factory for several years and "demolished" it in 1948,
most likely because the Communists were coming to power "officially".

My mother Heidi (nee FRIEDMANN) KLIMES(CH) was the only one who stayed
behind in Sternberk(g), as a result of meeting captain Miroslav ROHEL in
1947. Prior to meeting mom, dad was a "prisoner of war for (4) years", as a
result of "defending Czechoslovakia". However," they did not know" the
country would become "Communist" in 1948 and under Soviet Union control,
with closed borders.

Thank you, perhaps you have something on the town of Sternberk(g).

Researching: R. Sinai
LOEW (Worms, Prague, Posen), FRIEDMANN (Poland, Wienna), BACH (Wienna), BOHM
(Nikosburg, Wienna), GRUNFELD (Humpoletz), EISLER (Nikolsburg?, Wienna), GRATZ,

Peter Rohel, Toronto, Canada
(Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loew + Associates)

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