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As I mentioned in another message, while Bob Hanscom and I are collecting
the Viennese birth and marriage records 1784 - 1848 we found various archaic
expressions. Here are a few with a French origin;
Admodiateur = Tenant, leaseholder
Traiteur = Caterer, Restaurateur (a French word in itself)

I grew up in Vienna and remember many French words in everyday use, such as:
Plafond = Ceiling
Trottoir = Sidewalk
Parapluie = Umbrella
Friseur = Barber, hairdresser
Rentier = Pensioner
Bankier = Banker
Magazineur = Stock keeper
Kabinett = Small room
Boudoir = Ladies private room
Rendezvous = Meeting
Renommee = Reputation ........... and many others
Some of these words can not be found in German dictionaries, since these
were produced in Germany, also once known in Vienna as the "Altreich" or
Deutschland and whose inhabitants were sometimes referred to as "Die

Henry Wellisch

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