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Thomas F. Weiss

Hi fellow Jgenners,

I am planning a family history research trip to Vienna and
would like to consult address and telephone books. Address books
(Lehmann's Wiener Wohnungsanzeiger) are apparently available >from
1859 to 1965. Telephone books are available since 1900. In
examining sites over the Internet, it appears that there are at least
two where these books can be accessed. One is at the Austrian
National Library located in the Heldenplatz. The other is at the
Wiener Stadt- und Landesbibliothek., Magistratabteilung 9, in the

Do these two sites have identical information? What are the relative
advantages and disadvantages of using each of these two sites?

I would appreciate your help. Please respond to me privately at

Tom Weiss
Newton, MA

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