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Michael Gordy

I'm looking for advice on the best driving route >from Vienna to Straznice,
near Hodonin in southern Moravia. Last time I did it, I took B7 north >from
Vienna to the border crossing near Mikulov. That route is a bit slow, and
I'm wondering whether it makes more sense to drive east >from Vienna into
Slovakia and take the D2 highway north to the border crossing near Breclav.

To be more precise with my question:
(a) If I go through Slovakia, where should I cross the Austria-Slovakia border?
(b) When I cross into Slovakia, will I need to buy currency? Will I need a
highway sticker?
(c) Not all border crossings are open to third-country citizens. I found this
out the hard way at a crossing near Hodonin, where I was sent back. Any
warnings in this respect?
I'm a US citizen.

By the way, I'll be spending two full days in Straznice, probably with a
half-day in Hodonin. Can I be of service?

-- Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, MD USA

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