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Today in preparation for visiting and speaking at the LA synagogue where the
torah scroll >from Chotebar resides, I was invited to the Shoah Foundation and
heard the testimony of a survivor >from this small town in S. E. Bohemia near
the district town of Havlicku Brod. Although there was just a prayer room in this
town, we have 5 scrolls as identified as coming >from there or the vicinity.
The Shoah Foundation had more than one testimony but this was the only one in
English. The lady interviewed was on a Kindertransport to England at the age
of 11 and her name is Olga GABAMYIOVA and her married name is Olga GRILLI. She
lived in her grandfather's house in Chotebar and his name was Viem BERGMANN.
Her maternal grandmother's name was Olga VOHREZEK BERGMANOVA. I would be
interested in anyone with any information to share.
Susan Boyer

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