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Lisa Thaler <lisathaler@...>

I am researching the Jewish emigre artist Sacha KOLIN (1911 Paris-1981
NYC) (res. Vienna; imm. 1936), for a planned biography;
< >. In a c1977 videotape she made in NYC, Sacha signs
a German-language song that I would like to identify and place in
cultural/historical context. The morose lyrics tell of a father and son
walking on the street; they pass a man on the gallows and ravens are
picking at his face. A Swiss rendition of the song appears to be "Als
der Vater mit dem Sohne" < >,
although Sacha's refrain is "widi bim, widi bim bam bum." She sings
matter-of-factly and by rote - as if a song >from her childhood. Perhaps
the lyrics are a cabaret rendition of an older song. All leads and
comments are welcome as to the song's origin/contexts.
With Appreciation,
Lisa THALER (Chicago, IL, USA)

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