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Barry S Britzman wrote: "What an exciting event for
Celia and her newly discovered relatives.
Truly amazing. I just wish that I could find my
ancestral family of Britzmann. Does anyone know of any
such families today?"

Barry - Thank you for your congratulations and you can
now add congratulations to Tsvi Sinai for his linkage
too! I am happy to see you have made the long journey
to the Austria-Czech SIG!

Barry lives in Swansea, S. Wales and we have had
extensive correspondence since I met him on Jewishgen
[and a long phone call, too] re BRITZMAN.

Barry has given me permission to report our findings.

There are a few BRITZMANN with various spellings
to be found on censuses in England and Wales and USA
and we have to find a link with Barry's and the region
they came from.

Barry's grandfather [born ca 1860] arrived in London
the late 19th century and died in 1914.

In 1901 Hermann Ernst BRITZMAN was a tailor in London.
Mysteriously his birth place is given as Greece
[always possible!], but could he perhaps have said
Galizien in a thick accent and been misinterpreted?

We know that Hermannn's father was Daniel Britzman
[Manufacturer of Vinegar], >from Hermann's marriage
certificate, but that is all.

A preliminary screen shows the early BRITZMAN{N}
immigrants into the US [1851-1891] as having come from
Hamburg and England as ports of embarkation:

August Britzmann est.dob 1837
Carl Britzmann est. dob 1863
Julius Britzmann est. dob 1816
Rosa Britzman est. dob 1843

Ports of embarkation: Liverpool, England 1 Hamburg,
Germany 1 Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England 1

The censuses of England and Wales revealed in 1871:
[no husband apparent!] Catharine Britzman 27 born in
Liverpool, Lancashire.

In the 1901 census of England and Wales one BRIZMAN
family is listed:

Aaron {31}, wife Simmy {31} and children Mathilde and
Hyman aged 4 and 2 resp. The whole family was born in
Russia [a term which could include parts of Poland and
Ukraine and even]. They lived in Liverpool
and Aaron was a cabinet maker. So they must have
arrived in England in between 1899 and 1901.

There are also quite a few Jewish BRITZ from
Russia, Poland and Germany.

Tragically, a very good indication of the geographic
spread of the name and its various spellings can be
found on the Yad Vashem database where you will find
57 victims associated with that name coming from
Berlin, Russia, Poland, Bessarabia, Romania, Galicia
and France.

In the UK births register of 1904 I find a birth:

Britzman, Ernest Herman 1904 March Births St
Marylebone [1902-1977] Greater London.

who was the son on Hermann Ernst.

With first names "Hermann Ernst" my bet is that
Barry's BRITZMAN family came >from Germany or possibly
Galicia which was part of the Habsburg Empire.

Galicians however, did not usually have such Germanic
names till they emigrated to Vienna! So my choice is
Germany. And before that? Perhaps Silesia or Poland?

But I will look for Britzmann in the Kartei der
Fremden in Vienna, just incase.

As family links are spread far and wide, Barry who has
no further clues as to his families origins, will have
to try his luck on as many SIGS as possible, until he
hopefully finds a link.

We all wish him luck in his quest for his family

Celia Male[UK]

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