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I would like to add my 10 cents worth to the discussion on Lomnitz. A couple
of years ago I found two lengthy articles on the Jewish community of Lomnitz
by Dorothea McEwan. One article under the title:
Juedisches Leben im Maehrischen Ghetto; Eine Skizzierung der Stetl-Geschichte
von Lomnitz bis 1848 appeared in: Mitteilungen des Instituts fuer Oesterreichische
Geschichtsforschung, Bd. 99, 1991
The other, entitled:
Das Stetl in Maehren: Die Frauen der Familie Fischer in Lomnitz, appeared in
Oesterreichische Osthefte, Jahrgang 35/1993, Heft 1.
At the time I contacted Ms. McEwen to get some advice on Moravian research
and she told me that she had been hired by the Dr. W.G. Fischer in London to
do research on Lomnitz.
I would also like to mention the terrific article on Moravia by Claire
Bruell in the current issue of Avotaynu.
Henry Wellisch

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