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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Rebecca Fenning of Allston Mass writes:
My gggg-grandparents, Aaron KOHN (1826-1906) and Josephine LEDERER (1826-1900)
immigrated to Chicago, Illinois >from Bohemia in 1878 .....

Rebecca believes that they were related to another family of KOHNs, who
originated in Teresov, Bohemia, and settled in Chicago in the 1880s.

Teresov is in the Pilsner Kreis and the 1793 census could come to the rescue;
after all, 1826 is only slightly more than one generation after the census.

Believe it or not, KOHNs are few and far between in the Pilsner Kreis! There is
one KOHN family in Weitten Trebetisch and with no sons in sight. And there is one
KOHN family in Gutt Schemin {Stadl Tuschau}: Samuel, with three sons. There is no
Aaron to name an 1826 grandson after, so we can come to no conclusion.

Out of 630 Jewish families in the Pilsner Kreis - only two families named KOHN
must be some sort of record!

Rebecca is in greater luck with the LEDERERs: there are three LEDERER families
who might qualify as the grandparents of Josephine, born in 1826: there is also
an umarried Joseph LEDERER, who if I understand the footnote correctly, is
looking after his father Benjamin LEVITT.

All these LEDERERs are living in Gut Terrschau/Terreschau [Teresov].

Only examination of the birth and marriage records, [if they can be located], will
determine which family Josephine came from, and who exactly her KOHN spouse was.

Celia Male [UK]

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