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Michael Gordy

I too am very interested in the status of Familiaten books in Moravia,
so appreciated Henry Wellisch's informative note. Noting that
Familianten records are NOT mentioned in Hugo Gold's summary of the
Brno archive holdings, Mr Wellisch concluded:
The present status of the Familianten books for Moravia is not clear and as
I see it, the only way to find out more about this problem is to do some
research in Moravia.
I have a special interest in the town of Straznice, near Hodonin in
south Moravia -- in fact, I visited Straznice last weekend! While
there, I bought the book "Straznice: Kapitoly z Dejin Mesta," edited
by Jiri Pajer (the noted town historian, who also serve as the caretaker
of the wonderful Jewish cemetery). The book contains a long chapter
by Jaroslav Klenovsky on the Jewish community. As the book is entirely
in Czech, I can't read it to any meaningful degree, but I do spot a
footnote that might possibly pertain to Familianten records:
"Soupis familiantu zidovske obce ve Straznici z roku 1832,
MZA Brno, pobocka Kromeriz, fond F 90 Velkostatek Straznice,
karton 204."

Regardless of whether this footnote does pertain, Mr Klenovsky might
be able to shed some light on the Brno holdings.

For those who share my interest in Straznice: Please contact me!
I have collected some interesting information on this trip that I
will be pleased to share as I find time to write it all down.

Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, MD USA

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