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I'd like to thank the many very knowledgeable people who responded to my
request with extremely useful information.
I'm really looking forward to the trip, even though it's year away!

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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I'm starting to plan for a trip next year to include several places in
Moravia, and would be very glad to hear privately >from people who have
visited the places mentioned below, and what their experiences - good and
bad - were. How did you get there, what was transport like, what was local
accommodation like etc. We will probably be based in Vienna, but don't yet
know how much time we'll have available. After looking at maps, I have very
very tentatively thought that we might stay a night or two in Brno and see
the places over two/three days. I don't intend to do any research - I just
want to see the places where my ancestors lived.

I have explored some of the on-line information available, but no doubt
there's more, and personal experiences would be most useful.

The places are (possibly) Terezin, Uhersky Brod, Uhersky Hradiste, Hodonin
and Podivin. I have a contact in UB, which will doubtless help.

Please respond privately

Many thanks

Robert Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia
NOWAK - Moravia, Austria/Vienna - >
EISINGER - Moravia - >
FINKELSTEIN - Galicia, Poland
NAGEL - Austria

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