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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

In my posting yesterday I wrote:

In 1809, Abraham SOBOTKA {1784-1867} married the daughter of Elias BREITENFELD
a tenant distiller on the castle estate of Rychemburk/Richenburg {Predhradi}
near Hermanuv Mestec in the Chrudimer Kreis, owned by the Kinsky family and
later by the prince of Thurn and Taxis. Abraham learned the trade >from his
father-in-law. Followed by Footnote 2:

I believe the father of Abraham SOBOTKA was probably Isaak SOBOTKA, a glazier
of Brozan/Brossan/Brozany, Pardubitzer Herrschaft, Chrudimer Kreis, listed as
having an oldest son Abraham in the 1793 census.

There is only one other SOBOTKA [Herman] family listed in the Chrudimer Kreis
transcript of the 1793 Bohemian census Vol IV, apparently on page 35. Yesterday,
I could not find this family, being preoccupied with Moravian maltsters. However,
this morning I found them on p. 36 - a printing error.

Herman would seem to be the more natural fit as a father for Abraham SOBOTKA,
as Herman was the tenant distiller in the Uhersko, Herrschaft Chraustowitz
[Chrousotvice] whereas Isaak was a glazier.

However Abraham was only the third son of Herman. He had two older brothers -
Wilhelm and Samuel as well as a younger brother Joseph and a sister Elisabeth.
His two older brothers may have died or he may have obtained a familiant licence
on some other grounds.

There was also a tutor - Johann WALTER - for the five children in the Herman
SOBOTKA household >from the "Romischen Reich", Linderhausen [Westphalia, Germany],
and a maid Hanna. No wife is mentioned and Herman is not designated as a widower,
which is unusual.

There is an interesting link between Isaak and Herman SOBOTKA. Herman is also
"zustandig" in the Pardubitzer Herrschaft in Beyscht/Beqscht/Byst, close to
the home of Isaak. So perhaps Isaak and Hermann SOBOTKA, born in the mid-1750s
were brothers or cousins?

I also wrote: after marriage, Moritz SOBOTKA who had lived in Chotebor and
Nova Vesi, Bohemia, moved to Vienna. I now believe that whereas Chotebor is in
Bohemia, Nova Vesi is in Moravia near Hodonin, the home of more excellent barley
strains and of the famous plant-breeding establishment, I wrote about on
8 Dec 2004 in "Agriculture & Plant Breeding in Moravia" [see our archives}*.

Could Moritz SOBOTKA perhaps have studied at this famous establishment before
his marriage to Sophie BRUM and life as a maltster in Vienna?

Celia Male [UK]

* Plant breeding stations founded by E. v. Tschermak in former Austrian-Hungarian
Monarchy and in Austria In Moravia 1903 - 1912 Hodonin (Goding): for rye,
wheat, barley, legumes, soybean.

So not only did many of us have Moravian forebears but some of the genetic
varieties in the cereals and other vital crops we eat and use today may have
originated >from one of the very same towns.

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