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Dear Suzanne,

Weiner Neustadt is not gone into oblivion - it is written Wiener Neustadt
(Shortened to Wr. Neustadt), a city 40 kilometers south of Vienna (Wien in
german). The city was founded about 1200 ac with the ransom for King Richard
the Lionhearted, who was kept imprisoned in Austria. The name Neustadt means
New City (Neue Stadt, Nova Civitas). Because many newly founded cities had
the same name, the name changed about 1700 to Wiener Neustadt, which means
New City (near) Vienna.

The old border to hungary was only some kilometers east of Wr. Neustadt;
now this old Western Hungary is the austrian county of Burgenland.

you may find some informations about a STREUSLER family (owner of a
shoe shop) in Wr.Neustadt.



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I have after four years of research got very little information on my
Paternal Grandfather's family. Weiner Neustadt seems to have gone
into oblivion.
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