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I am joining one of the many scroll congregations that I work with in the
USA/UK for a historic trip to Austerlitz/ Slavkov that leaves by bus on
Thursday AM June 2 >from Prague. I have a schedule of events that have
been lovingly planned to celebrate the life of the last survivor in this
town (a lady named Ruth Priess) and the Bat Mitzvah of a young girl >from
the UK (Hana Pike). This will commence on the 5th of June. We will visit
many places in Moravia between the 2nd and the 5th. If anyone >from the
SIG is in the area of Austerlitz on 5th, I would gladly share the agenda
of events I will attending. It will be a very short visit for me --
one week. E-mail me privately for details.

I have one evening in Prague and I would love to put names to
faces of those in the SIG who live in the Prague area. Please e-mail me
if there is an interest for a get together. Our meeting in London in
October was very rewarding.
Susan Boyer
Sherman Oaks CA

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