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My step-Father's great grandfather was Cantor Josef ZIPPER, born ca.1832,
possibly in Zbaraz, Galicia. Cantor Zipper died in Vienna on 23rd November
1884 and is buried in Zentralfriedhof, Tor 1, 5b 9 43. The family moved
from Galicia to Vienna possibly some time in the late 1850s or later.
Cantor Zipper's children were born >from about 1858/9 to the mid-1870s.

Cantor Zipper was married three times and had 11 children with these three
wives. The names and fates of six of these 11 children and their
descendants are not known.

The names of Cantor Zipper's first two wives are not known, but according
to a letter >from the late renowned Dr. Herbert Zipper, his paternal
grandmother, Cantor Zipper's third wife was
Franziska/Fanny SCHWARZENBERG ZIPPER - the daughter of a Hungarian Rabbi,
B. Hungary? ca.1838? D. Vienna ? ca.1927??

One of her daughters, Charlotte/Carlotta Zipper, born Vienna 1873,
moved >from Vienna to Merano in northern Italy and lived there with one of
her brothers, Hermann Zipper, who died in Merano in 1940. Charlotte was
one of the handful of people who were dragged >from their beds in Merano and
deported to Auschwitz, via Balzano, where she perished.

Liliana Picciotto's Italian Book of Remembrance "Il Libro della Memoria,
Gli Ebrei Deportati dall "Italia" recorded her parents as 'GUISEPPE and

I am sorry I do not know any more about the SCHWARZENBERG family, but
perhaps this might be of interest to the other SCHWARZENBERG researchers.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho, Downunder
Researching >from Vienna : Family of my Step-Father :
Family of my step-Grandfather :
GOLD, FUCHS Papa,Hungary/Vienna>London/DUNERA/Australia/USA.
GOLD-RADAN & GOLD-SCHWARZ Vienna/Zagreb>Calestano, Italy.

N.B. Families of my step-Father and step-GF are not related.

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