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Henry <henry@...>

Hi all,

I have posted a few postcards on my site Some of which were
written in Hungarian, and some in Yiddish. Could someone please give me a
translation on them.

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

Reaserching: SCHWARTZ-Nyiregyhaza[Hu]-Sarospatak[Hu] |
MARKOVICS-Csabanyivka[Ukr](Bacso, Bacovo, Bacsava, Batchive, Chabanivka,
Csabanyivka) - Kljacsanovo[Ukr](Klacsano, Klacana, Klitshanif) |
BECKERMAN-Lublin[Po] | FRUCHTER-Borsa-Bukavina[Ro] |
STEINBRECHER-Edeleny[Hu] | IZSAK-Bacsava [Ukr](Bacso, Bacovo, Chabanivka,
Batchive, Csabanyivka) | POLACK-<Near Satmer> | MARMORSTIEN-
Cluj-Napoca[Ro](Klausenburg) | GLUCK-Kemecse[Hu]-Bokony[Hu]-Papa[Hu] |

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