Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Events of Austria-Czech interest at IAJGS Conference #austria-czech

Sharla Levine <austriaczech@...>

At the conference you will find the following talks of interest to
Austria-Czech SIG members:

Austro-Hungarian Empire : Conventional & Unconventional Resources (Henry

Jewish Soldiers In The Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces (Erwin Schmidl)

Combining Familiant Books And Jewish Censuses Data: A Powerful Research
Method (Julius Muller)

In addition, we have a SIG meeting scheduled, and a SIG luncheon. The
luncheon currently has 15 people registered, but we need a minimum of 20 to
keep the room assignment for free (there is still a per person charge for
the lunch). When you register for the conference, don't forget to include
the SIG luncheon.

Also, if you have subjects you would like addressed at the SIG meeting,
please email me privately.

Sharla Levine
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator

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