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Gary Yarus <gpyarus@...>

My maternal grandfather's surname was BODENGER.
As far as I know he emigrated to the US via New Orleans, although
I have found no "official" records indicating that. I know he raised his
family in New Orleans as did his siblings. Many are buried there.

Beginning with the 1910 Census records his country of origin is listed
as Austria.
Other family members found that hard to believing he came >from Poland.
I recently asked someone >from Poland if BODENGER sounded like a Polish name.
The response was maybe if he is Jewish.

The Austro Hungarian Empire was in existence when he emigrated to the
U.S., so it seems plausible to me he could have come >from anywhere with the
"empire", perhaps >from a German speaking area and the census taker therefore
recorded Austria.

Yet when I search the Internet and other genealogical sources, I find
many references to the name "Bodinger" and very few references to "Bodenger"
and except for a Bodenger family in the northwest, most of those I have found I
reconciled as family members.

So I guess my question is "Is Bodenger a common name in the German speaking
world or in the former Austro Hungarian Empire or was it derived >from something

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Gary Yarus

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