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Dora Donis-Kestler asked: Where may I find vital {Jewish} records for
Trieste, Austria circa 1860? ... could someone tell me what ports, other than
Fiume, were available in that area in the mid 1800s?


Dora, this is the address I have for the Jewish Community in Trieste who
should be able to help you:

The Secretary
Jewish Community
via S.Francesco, 19
34133 Trieste, ITALY

You could also try:

Carlo and Vera Wagner
Museum of the Jewish Community
via del Monte, 5/7
Trieste, Italy
Tel: as given on

040/633819 (Museum) 371466 (Jewish Community). Trieste sounds very tempting!

As for ports >from which the Austrian navy operated, I recommend this article,
which lists the following: Venice, Trieste, Pola/Pula, Rijeka/Fiume and Cottaro.

Pola {now Pula in Croatia} was the principal port of the Austrian navy.
On 31st October 1918, the red-white-red flag was hauled down for the last
time on an Austrian warship. The once proud Imperial Navy ceased to exist.
It was the end of an era.

The Emperor Franz Joseph always wore military uniform, even when inspecting
the fleet. He explained to his nephew, Franz Ferdinand: I am not capable
of directing even my grandson's boat on the pond in front of our Summer villa,
and then I should dress myself up as an admiral?

And returning to my family history; when I was three weeks old, I took my
first trip on the Princess Olga - Lloyd Triestino Line >from Trieste to
Alexandria, Egypt, together with my best childhood friend, born one day
before me in Budapest! My journey >from Vienna to Trieste in September 1937
must have been by train. I have even found the Princess Olga on the www with a
photo. A great ship:
[MODERATOR NOTE: One must click on 'Ebro' to see the photo]

I must go back to Trieste. Thank you, Dora, why have I never thought of
this before?

Celia Male [UK]

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