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Moses RINDL (1816-1859) married Rosa FREY (or FREI) in
about 1847/8.
They had the following children:
Lottie and Hannie, twins, born 1851
Jakob born 1853
Sigmund born 1854
Bernhard born 1856
Emanuel born 1857.

Jakob who married Lina GINSBERG was born in Engelswald
(now Mosnov, near to Ostrava). this marriage may have
occurred in South Africa in 1882.
Bernhard had a shop in the village of Partschendorf
(now Bartosovice, just north of Novy Jicin).
There was also some, unspecified, connection with the
town of Maehrische Weissenkirche (now Hranice, just
west of Novy Jicin).

I am very interested in learning more about this RINDL
family, and also would like to know where, in the
Czech Republic, records relating to this family might
be found, bearing in mind the locations mentioned

All the best from

Adam Yamey, london, UK<>

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