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Dominique Dubois wrote to Austria-Czech SIG on May 16th asking for
information about a female member of the SCHWARZENBERG family, who secretly
organised help for Jewish families, mainly in the form of distributing

My cousin Annie Weich knew Colienne Meran nee Schwarzenberg >from the time
when Annie's father was a diplomat in Italy and Colienne's father was the
Austrian ambassador in Rome over the same period. She wrote to Colienne who
did not know herself but enquired of other members of her family.
Colienne has now responded and writes (I have permission to quote >from her

" ...finalement j'ai recu une reponse de mon neveu Kary Schwarzenberg au
sujet de la dame en question. Voila ce qu'il ecrit: "ich glaube es handelt
sich um Tante Elli (Prinzessin Eleonore Schwarzenberg, 1904-1984), die
damals sehr engagiert war und mit der ebenfalls verstorbenen Graefin
Kielmannsegg in Verbindung stand. Mehr kann ich dazu leider nicht sagen.
Tante Annie (celle que je t'avais nomme) war ja, soviel ich weiss, bereits
in London. "J'ai bien connu Tante Elli, une soeur de Josef et de Heinrich
Schwarzenberg. Elle ne s'est jamais marie, etait tres intelligente et
perspicace et a habite au palais Schwarzenberg jusqu'au sa mort......"

This translates roughly as:

"......I have at last received a reply >from my nephew Kary Schwarzenburg
regarding the lady in question. He writes "I believe this matter relates to
Aunt Elli (Prinzess Eleonore Schwarzenberg, 1904 - 1984)who was then very
committed and connected with Countess Kielmannsegg who is also deceased.
Unfortunately I can't really add anything. Aunt Annie (for that was what I
called her) was, as far as I know, already in London." "I knew Aunt Elli, a
sister of Josef and Heinrich Schwarzenberg, well. She never married, was
very intelligent and perspicacious and lived in the Palais Schwarzenburg up
until her death....."

I do hope this gives Dominique some useful leads.

Ruth Coman
London, UK
SALUS, Bohemia
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MELZER, Zatec;
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