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Keith Hatfield <hatfield.1@...>

I am searching for any information on my relatives. The only information
that I have to date is the following:
My Grandparents were:
Otto (born in Praha) and Ester WERNER (born ADLER in Lodz, Poland, circa
late 1800's, early 1900's.
They last address was: Praha
My Maternal Great Grandparents were: (Ester's parents)
Gerson, his wife Nach Natalia ADLER( born Lodz, Poland), circa 1870's.
Their other children were two daughters Anna and Ida ADLER (born in Lodz,
Poland). They also had a son, Mosek Sljama (Moritz?) ADLER (born in Lodz,
Poland). He lived in Slany near Kladno and then they all moved to Prague.
Otto's parent's names were; Max and Fanny WERNER, circa?
Does anyone out their have any connections or knowledge about these people?

Keith Hatfield

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