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Joseph Lonstein

Hi all,

I'm trying to confirm the names of the two sisters of my great-grandfather,
Ignacz KLEIN (born Melykut, Bacs-Bogrog, Hungary in 1868; died Vienna in
1929). These two sisters were likely born in Melykut, and both were living
in Vienna by 1910. Neither married, they lived together in Vienna before
the War, and both were killed by the Nazis. Based on a letter I have >from
1941, one sister may have been named Etel (presumably, Etelka). I found the
middle-aged Etelka KLEIN and Therese KLEIN deported together >from Vienna in
1942, with no other KLEINS >from the same deportation address, so I think
it's likely them. Would it be likely that they would have been listed in
any telephone directory, which might provide a pre-war address for them,
after which I can request a Meldezettel that could confirm >from their
birthplace that this is the correct pair? I'm hoping this is the easy way,
because searching for their Meldezettel in the LDS microfilms based only on
KLEIN may be difficult.

Thanks once again,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI

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