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Dear Celia,

Czech an Slovak language is very similar. The Slovak "sukromny uradnik" is
the Czech "soukromy urednik". The term "soukromy urednik" was in the Czech
lands used until 1948 (the communist coup d'etat) and not only for Jewish
persons, but for Christians too. The "soukromy urednik" was the same like
"Privatbeamter", "statni urednik" the same like "Beamter" and "urednik" (a
person which worked in an office) roughly the same like "Angestellter" (a
clerk without "Beamtenprivilegien") . The word "urednik" described the kind
of work, the words "soukromy = privat" and "statni = government" the social

The same person (lived in Bohemia) which was named in a German birth book
(birth of his first child) "Privatbeamter", was named in a Czech birth book
(birth of his third child) "soukromy urednik".

The reason why Vladimir Bohinc mean the term "Privatbeamter" in Slovakia was
only used by Jewish people is probably the fact, that in German und
Slovakian population of Slovakia the "white collar" professions were in the
19th century very rare and the Hungarian people don't used "Beamter" or
"uradnik" but the corresponding hungarian word. Anyway, in the Austrian part
of the monarchy the term "Privatbeamter" or "soukromy urednik" was not a
kind of a "Rabbinical language" but an element of the absolute normal


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Hopefully, one day, our message archive will be used
as as a place of reference for facts long-forgotten,
as our roots in Vienna, Austria at large,
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