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Peter Rohel <prohel@...>

Hi, I am searching for descendants of KANTOR & WINTER families .
from Vienna, both had private bankhouses:
Ludwig KANTOR Born: 1855 Died: 1934 + Bertha FRIEDMANN Born: Jun 27,
1868 Died: May 24, 1922 in Vienna. *(note: The KANTOR family owned a Bank
house "Ludwig KANTOR OHG" (Vienna 1, Wipplingerstr. 21). In 1908 in this
Putting down a trade register Vienna, was one of the biggest private
Bank houses in Austria)

...Richard KANTOR Born: 1891 + Edna Karoline REITNINGER

......Albert KANTOR Born: July 6, 1925 in Vienna *(note: ..In 1938, he
became a British citizen, served in WWII Air force, his study in the
royal Aeronautical Society in airplane technology and engine construction
concluded in 1948, afterwards he was active in the family trust of the
family Reitlinger.. *poss. typo? - could it be REITNINGER?)

...George KANTOR Born: 1893 + Franziske SCHEITHAUER Born: 1900 ...Hans
KANTOR Born: 1895 ...Alice KANTOR Born: 1897 + Karl WINTER Born: 1879 or
1889, Lived in Doebling/Vienna.

*(note: ..The "Alfred WINTER Bank house" (Vienna 9, Koling. 17 - was
founded in 1892. Alfred born in 1900, was married to Anita SCHREYER. The
firm had originally four companions: Alfred WINTER (dec. in 1935),
Karl WINTER, Robert WINTER (reg. since 1922) and Dr. Friedrich Koerner.

*(Unsure abt. relation to Alice KANTOR (ret. CBS-reschr, NY city) & Book
in Ger. abt. their family: "Dame mit Boa" Die Geschichte der Alice", by
Hubertus Czernin. Her father Siegfried's KANTOR, >from Brunn emmigrated to Wien,
where he became one of the leading legal politicians & president of the
law society, escaping in 1938 to U.S. *One of their 222 Nazi confiscated
artworks Lady with feather boa, by Gustav Klimt was found in Vienna's
Albertina museum.

Thank you,

Peter Rohel

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