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On row 125 of the Vienna marriage record that appears in View Mate 6526
Is the marriage of Eduard LAUFER to Francisca KLEPPERLE.
However, in the far right columns the surname is spelt KLEPPLERE

I am aware that spellings do change over time and place, but to find
different spellings in the same document is a bit surprising to me.
At first I thought this was a mere clerical error, with the official
placing the L in the wrong location in one instance. More recently, my
attention was drawn to an entry in the online Vienna Jewish cemetery
database that shows a Rosalia S. KLEPERLE-KLEPERER buried on 20/02/1882 at
ZF TOR I Group 6 Row 22 Grave 44.

This suggests the alternate spellings were used simultaneously.

Can anyone provide an explanation, or is aware of similar instances ?
Which of these two surnames should one focus on for researching ?
Both ?

Could Rosalia S. be the Sara who is the mother of Francisca in the
marriage document ?

As an aside, the above marriage couple are the great-grandparents of my
wife Diana.It was the coincidence of Eduard's with my own surname that
started me on the genealogy path some 20 years ago.

So far, I have only been able to prove we are related through our own marriage.


Sydney, NSW Australia

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