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Joyce Eastman

At the suggestion of Sharla Levine, Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator, I am
reviewing my research information in the hope of finding more family
contacts. I have been working on my family genealogy for about 5-6 years as
a hobby, and have found quite a bit of information >from documentation left
by my mother's side of the family who originally came >from Hungary and
eventually settled in Trencin, Slovakia. Robert Hanscom, who is also a
distant cousin, has been extremely helpful as well. The surnames and places
I am researching are as follows:

Trencin, Slovakia

RUFEISEN, SCHEIER - Biala (now Bielsko-Biala), and SUCHA (now
Sucha-Beskidzka) in Poland, as well as Stanislawow (now Ivano-Frankvisk)in
Poland and now in the Ukraine. I realize that these are out of the
Austria-Czech SIG area - but they are an integral part of the maternal side
of my family.

I have quite a bit of information >from the first group of surnames. The
FODOR surname was legally changed >from FRANKL by my maternal grandfather
Philp FRANKL and his brother Dr. Julius FRANKL. The PORGES and KOHN side of
the family were well-known in the lumber business. One of my PORGES distant
cousins changed his surname to PORUBSKY, and I have found his son in
Bratislava, who is a doctor. Unfortunately he speaks no English. Some
limited correspondence with him was accomplished though a close friend of
his who speaks both languages.

RUFEISEN and SCHEIER surnames are >from my maternal grandmother's family. I
have some information >from a paid researcher in Bielsko-Biala, but am still
trying to make some more family connections. I am a very distant cousin of
the famous Brother Daniel (Oswald RUFEISEN). RUFEISEN is the surname of my
maternal great-grandmother. His brother is still alive and living in
Israel, but only limited information has been available >from him through
volunteer efforts >from JewishGen contacts living in Israel. He speaks no
English as well. SCHEIER was the surname of my maternal great-grandfather,
and there was intermarriage between the SCHEIER and FODOR families (my uncle
married his first cousin, but had no children. His father and my maternal
grandmother were brother and sister).

Any information regarding possible family connections would be most
appreciated. It is always most gratifying to find living relatives, since
so many have perished in the holocaust, or else have passed on due to old

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL

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