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I am taking Sharla's advice since it has been several years since I posted
to the group.  My husband's maternal grandmother was Carrie PROPPER,
the daughter of first cousins Siegfried and Sophie. She was born in Laun,
present day Louny, in 1883. She immigrated with her parents and six siblings
to New York City in 1886. I started with this information 12 years ago and
after much generous help >from relatives that we initially did not know,
we have a large family tree. Carrie's parents were Siegfried, the son of
Leopold and Magdalena KOHN, and Sophie, the daughter of David and Karoline POPPER. 
Both were the grandchildren of Elie PROPPER and Rosa DEUTSCH.
Branches of the family moved to France, Spain, England, Israel,
Canada and the United States.  Most of the PROPPERS still in Europe in the
late 1930's died in the Shoah and can be found on the Yad Vashem website.

Some of the early lines that I have missing information on are

Georgia HAKEN
Danbury, Connecticut

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