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robert fraser <robertandginafraser@...>

Dear SIGers -

At Sharla Levine's suggestion, I've been reviewing and refining my research
interests, as summarised below.

Over the past seven years or so, I've become an "lazy internet genealogist".
That is, I haven't gone out and physically dug through actual archives and
files - all my research has been via email and internet. Without JewishGen
and AustriaCzech (and also JRI-PL and Gesher Galicia), I would not know a
fraction of what I now know, which is a large sum of information about my
ancestry. Fortunately, I knew a good deal to begin with, >from my late
Parent's memoirs, and I've been able to build on that and expand it. I'm
also writing a Family History, which is very much a work-in-progress, based
on this material. I believe that history isn't just about places and dates;
it's about what people did and where and how they did it.

My current research interests are as follows:

NOWAK - Thanks to the SIG, I discovered the existence of the graves of my
great-great grandfather David NOWAK and his wife Babette in Uhersky Brod
(CZ). David died in 1879. I will visit his grave in May 2006. But I know
nothing about him and would love to know more. Even a photograph would be

NOWAK - My great-grandfather Moritz NOWAK set up and owned a liquor and
pharmaceutical business in Vienna - he was described as a "spiritushandler".
That is, when the local newspaper wasn't calling him "der Brantweinjude
Nowak". The business was probably wound up after he died in 1916. I know
nothing about the business; not even what it was called or where it
operated, although he started in the basement of the apartment house he
built in Neulerchenfelderstrasse, Ottakring. The building was bombed in WW2
and no longer exists. The business was very successful, so surely some
records must exist. But what and where?

EISINGER - I have recently acquired a lot of information about this family,
which was a very extensive one. Most of them seem to have originated in
Kostel/Podivin in Moravia and they spread all over the world. Professional
research has been recently done (not by me) and a comprehensive family tree
compiled. I have to thank several people for information and advice,
including Susan Boyer, Frank Eisinger, Claire Bruell (we're very distantly
related but don't know how), Celia Male and others on the SIG, and other
newly discovered cousins who are not on the SIG.

FINKELSTEIN - Strictly speaking, they aren't >from the Austria-Czech SIG
area, but >from Galicia. But I'll briefly mention them for the record. Adolf
and Helene Finkelstein. Helene was an Eisinger, Adolf was born in
Podwolocyska (now in Ukraine). His father Max came to Pod. but I know
nothing about him and would love to know more.

KRAUTERBLUTH - again, not strictly AustriaCzech business. Adolf's sister
Henriette married a Dr. Krauterbluth (allegedly he was a teacher/professor)
and they lived *somewhere in Poland* at least until WW2 when contact was
lost. The surname appears on an Aufbau Shanghai List, but may not be him.

All these names and more are registered with the JGFF, FTJP, Holocaust
Registry etc.


Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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