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A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of a KNOPFLMACHER
Family Stammbaum. It was written about 1905 by a distant relative, Moritz
[Mordechai] KNOPFLMACHER (1828-1910) of Vienna, and is about 65 pages long.
The first few pages, all in Hebrew (which I've since had translated), outline
how the KNOPFLMACHER family of Holesov, Moravia is descended >from Jehuda Loew,
the MaHaRal of Prague.

For anyone who potentially might be connected with this family, here are some
of the families that KNOPFLMACHER daughters, granddaughters, or other
descendants married into: GOLDSCHMIED of Nikolsburg, DEUTSCH of Mistek,
KURZ of Kojetein, WOLF of Mahr. Weisskirchen, ADLER of Holesov (later AGUILAR
of Spain and Portugal), BEER of Holesov, SINGER of Ung Brod, HAAS of Lhotta,
WOLF of Napajedl, GROSS of Geiring, GOLDHAMMER of Kremsier and Vienna, SCHNER
of Ung Brod, FISCHER of Holesov, SCHLESINGER of Zambokrat, LANG of Zambokret,
HOFFMANN of Klotschunska, MULLER of Vienna, ZERKOWITZ of Holesov and Vienna,
ORSTEIN of Wessely, BLICH of Krakau, DONATH of Lipthal, MULLER of Hullein,
KAUFMANN of Vienna, EICHENWALD of Vienna, KAISER of Bisenz, KAPP of Napajedl,
BERGER of Bisenz, REISS of Kolusow and Trencin, HAAS of Liborcsa and United
States, JUST of Ilava, MANGOLD of Postyan and Vienna, KRAUSZ of Bosacz, WEINER
of Ivanka, KANN of ?, HOLZMANN of Michelstetten, NEUGROSCHL of Bosacz, STERNER
of Neustadtl, SCHONER of Ujhely ("dann Debreczen"), HERZOG of Verbo, WINKLER
of Prossnitz, JELLINEK of Vienna, HERZ of Prostejov, FRIESS of Prostejov,
RUMPLER of Prostejov, HUPPERL of Prostejov. SCHNURMACHER of Napajadl,
GOLDSTEIN of Napajedl, POLLACK of Napajedl, STRASSMANN of Napajedl, BELLAK
of Napajedl, KOHN of Holesov and Wsetin, and many other surnames.

The Stammbaum also gives special treatment to the MORGENSTERN family of Strany,
the REDLICH family of Wiesenberg and Olomouc, the POLLACK family of Boikowitz,
the KOHN family of Wessely, the OPPENHEIMER family of Leipnik (many pages),
and the STRANSKY family (of Ronov?)

If any of these families and locations connect with the research that others
are doing, I would be happy to pass along information contained in this Stammbaum.

Best regards,

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts USA

LAZAR, and many other surnames

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