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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I recently replied to the David Laufer's query on the KLEPPERLE family
from Bohemia and Vienna.
Before we get completely immersed in a flood of introductions and
re-introductions, I would like to tie up various loose ends. There are
still very many unanswered questions which have appeared on our SIG in
recent months. The SIG only becomes of real value if we concentrate on
each posting, try and answer questions in it and analyse available data
to get maximum value >from each query. Unanswered postings are very frustrating.

So back to the KLEPPERLE family. I have been working with Jaroslav Achab
Haidler in the Czech Republic and he tells me [I have his permission to
quote] that a KLEPPER is an old horse in German and Bohemian dialect
A KLEPPERER might be a dealer in horses. Perhaps a knacker?

The root name would be KLEPPER. The suffixes are as we already know:
*es* is the possessive
*in* is the feminine ending
*le and les* are diminutives - ie the little KLEPPER
Something or somebody belonging to the little

Whether the family actually dealt in horse/livestock we do not know - it
may also have been a nickname assigned to them.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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