Re: FTDNA analysis question #dna

A. J. Levin <aj_levin@...>


I can think of two possible explanations. First, there may have
been recent mutations in one Greengard line. Second, there may be
an error in the pedigree down to a confusion over which of two
husbands to a woman was the father, for example, or something like
informal adoption, or even hanky-panky.

You could benefit >from upgrading all three kits to 67 or 111 Y-STR
markers, and >from testing men who descend >from another Greengard
branch, as well as >from his paper-trail paternal-line ancestor.

Also, in general terms, once you get to a third cousin once removed
or a fourth cousin, there's only about a 50% chance they will show
up in Family Finder because of the random vagaries of autosomal


A.J. Levin

--- On Wed, 12/12/12, Alison Greengard <> wrote:

Can anyone explain why someone with a different surname, has an exact
Y-DNA 37 marker match with my husband, can trace his lineage via that
other surname back to the 1750's, yet doesn't show up in Family
Finder? Clearly there is some tie to the Greengards since his
ancestors stayed with Greengards in NY upon emigrating.

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