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Albert Braunstein >from Melbourne, Australia writes: "I am researching my
ARZT ancestors who were living in Vienna. Shaje Moses ARZT was born in
Jaroslaw and died in Vienna in 1936 aged 68 years [born 1868]. He was married
to Rosa Rechel KLEPNER. I believe they moved to Vienna during the early
20th century."

There are quite few ARZT buried in Vienna and >from their names most appear
to be of Galician origin.

Here is the grave of Albert's relative: ARZT Schaje Moses age 68 died 04.07.1936
ZENTRALFRIEDHOF IV. TOR 22 21A 19 and he is alone in the grave.

There is a Rosa who had a "Waschegeschaft" in Vienna II, Hillerstr 2 in 1933,
who could be his wife. I cannot see a telephone listing for Schaje himself.
However there is a Hermann listed separately at the same address - so that
could be the name Schaje went under in Vienna. Hermann was a *Ober Rechts Rat*.

Another second-district ARZT was Nutzi - who was a Beamtin [nb not a
Privatbeamtin!]. She lived at Tabor str. 67. And then there is Edmund ARTZT
who has a Delikatessen shop - he lives in Sterneckplatz 12, Vienna II. The
second district was home to thousands of Galicians.

There are 16 ARZT holocaust victims >from Austria and sadly a Heinrich ARZT
born in Jaroslaw on 10.11.1896. He could be the son of Schaje and Rosa. As
he was born in 1896 in Jaroslaw, his family must have moved to Vienna after
his birth which fits with Albert's account.

There are also 16 victims born in Jaroslaw and one of them Rosa MARBACH
dob 26.10.1893, could be a sister of Heinrich. And so could Regine ADLER
born on 23.02.1900 in Jaroslaw.

It would take a bit more research in Vienna to check out this data, but
first I am off to the NY and Washington where I will meet other Siggers
and also visit the Holocaust Museum.

A bientot.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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