Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Introduction: BRUELL, LOEWY, and more #austria-czech

Claire Bruell

I have been a SIG member for some years although I have never
previously introduced myself.

My family came >from Moravia and my parents came to New Zealand as
refugees via London in 1939.

My family come >from Brno and Olomouc and many smaller towns:

BRIESS >from Olomouc (Olmuetz), Prerov (Prerau) and Vienna
BERGER and WOLF >from Val. Mezirici (Wallachisch Meseritsch)
LOEWY and Quittner >from Uhersky Brod
LOEWY >from Breclav (Luntenburg) and Brno (Bruenn)
WOLF >from Holesov (Holleschau)
BRUELL >from Jevichko (Gewitsch)
HOFMANN >from Lomnice (Lomnitz)
BRUELL >from Znojmo (Znaim)
ROSENBLUM >from Vienna
SCHIMMERLING >from Vienna, Dolni Kaunice (Kanitz bei Bruenn) and Holic
BRUECKNER and BRUECK >from Dolni Kaunice (Kanitz bei Bruenn)
SOMMER >from Uh.Ostroh
DREXLER >from Brno

I have been researching my family history for almost 20 years but
find that there is always more information appearing. It is a matter
of knowing where to look. The Internet and Austriaczech previously
BohMor SIG have expanded the horizons of the possible exponentially.
10 years ago few could have imagined the impact the Internet would

Above all I value the contacts I have made and the help I have
received via the SIG.

Claire Bruell
New Zealand.

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