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David Laufer writes: "If he [KLEPPER] was a knacker, perhaps he worked in
close cooperation with a leather merchant. Were there any LEDERERs in
Hermanuv Mestec?"

This little Jewish community in the Chrudimer Kreis, Bohemia is very
interesting. It comprises of 71 families with Schutz, and three without -
a Jewish population of about 300 in 1793. It is full of Hausierer [peddlers],
Schnittwaren [fabric lengths] dealers and tailors/dressmakers. A veritable
hive of activity.

There is only one baker - the widow Ester LUSTIGEN. You would have to visit
house No 19 to buy your fresh rolls, daily or perhaps just on Fridays for
the special Sabbath bread.

There are two raw leather merchants: Joseph LEDERER [house No 49] with
wife Rosalia, son Beer and two daughters Sara and Susanna. The other leather
dealer is Isak POKORNY, married to Ester.

I have another surprise for David - there is a Nathan KLOPERER - [o umlaut]
who is a glovemaker. The bookbinder, obviously a purchaser of leather, is
Moissess [sic] BRUK [umlaut]. The cobbler is called Isak HOFMANN - and he
has a wife and four daughters!

The glazier is convenienty called Abraham GLASSMANN [house No 51] and he
has a son Philip and daughter Martha.

There are also two widows named BANDLERIN and a BANDLER family [bandl =
tapes and ribbons,] who should by their names be Posamentierer, but they are
Schnittwaren dealers! The actual Posamentierer are called Dawid FISCHER
[house No 36], Dawid SPITZ [house No 53] and Jakob LEBENTHAL. Imagine,
three Posamentierer in this tiny community in 1793. In Vienna today,
according to Viennese Fred Posamentir [I have his permission to quote]
there is only one - presumably because fashions have changed and a Swedish
store, with a four-lettered name starting with *I*, has taken over with
ready-made blinds and curtains.

I believe that the most important leather merchant is Bernard POLAK who
lives in the Herrschaft but in Moraschitz [Morasice] - he has the
Moraschitz leather concession; his birthplace is given as Schebekow/
Sebekovice [okr Trebic].

So here in Hermanuv Mestec/Herzman Mniestez we do have two professions
represented - a glazier and a leather dealer with the appropriate family

I checked our message archives and there is not one reference to GLASSMANN,
but we do have have many LEDERER hits since the SIG commenced. Our keen
Sigger, Peter Lowe [U.K.] also has a family connection to this area
[please search our archives with keyword *Hermanuv*]. GLASSMANN does not
appear on the JGFF either under Czech Republic. There is only one GLASSMANN
from Poland and many GLASSMAN mainly >from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia
and Latvia.

LEBENTHAL has one hit on the JGFF >from Poland. POKORNY has one hit >from
our SIG [Puklitz Moravia]. The other JGFF *POKORNY* hits are for Poland
and Slovakia.

I have checked out these names on Yad Vashem as well -there are very many
tragic victims called POKORNY >from Bohemia, Moravia and Vienna but
GLASSMANN and LEBENTHAL victims appear to be mainly of Polish and Galician

Could our craftsmen GLASSMANN and LEBENTHAL >from Hermanuv Mestec perhaps
have been immigrants >from Poland/Galicia? I will have to check the 1793
census to see how many more there are with these names and if so, where
they lived. This might hopefully tie in with one or two recent postings about
Galician immigrants to Bohemia and Moravia.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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