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Hi fellow SIGGERS.

Today comes a new question in the occupation business. I am in receipt of
papers >from the Narodni Archiv in Prague. They have discovered a marriage
for me between Josef PODWINETZ of Grottau (Hradek) son of Markus PODWINETZ
and Julie GOLDBERG (perhaps a cousin marriage) of Jungbunzlau; and
Betty FLASCHNER daughter of Abraham FLASCHNER, Fleischhauer, and Amalie
WUNDER his wife, of Bphmisch Leipa.

What is a Fleischhauer? I looked in a German Dictionary and found no such
word, but "hauer" means tusks and of course "fleisch" is flesh or meat. I
found a verb, "hauen" which means to beat, but flesh beater makes to sense

A word about taxes on "luxury" foods.

I don't know much about Jewish history but I do know a bit about History at
large. In the middle ages (actually there are origins in Rome of the
Ceasars) there were so-called sumptuary laws which defined what one could
wear as defined by ones station in life. Colors and types of garments were
defined in this way.

Could the rules governing what Jewish people could buy to eat, and levying
taxes on certain items have been a way of defining a group as a way to keep
them down, as was the case with sumptuary laws in earlier times?

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