Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Herschl Nephtali LEVI/WOTTITZ - Fleischhauer in Strakonice, Bohemia #austria-czech

Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

Celia Male wrote about Wot(t)itz in Strakonitz.

In my tree I have Samuel Woticzky (husband of Rosalia Grab which was sister
of my ggggrandfather Isaak Grab), son of Isak Wotitzky and of Sara, nee Lany
(or Lang? - hard to reed!), b. March 29, 1808 Smichow (now Prague) with many
Woticzky and Popper descendants.

Beyond it I know Jonas Wot(t)itz which Feb 19, 1834 mar. in Drosau
Anna/Hanna Löwith and Hermann/Nephtali Wot(t)itz (1802/3 - Jul 17, 1889
Strakonitz) which Mar 29, 1839 mar. in Drosau Rosalia/Rachel Löwith and
later (after Jun 1850) Katharina Löwith.

Sisters Anna/Hanna, Rosalia/Rachel and Katharina were daughters of Josef
Löwith and of Sara, nee Angner.

Hanus Grab

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